GM&B Mentoring Program

The GM&B Mentor Program has been running successfully at Melbourne High School for over a decade. Originally established in 2005, the inaugural program has grown to include over one hundred participants in 2017. VCE students are matched with Old Boy mentors according to their desired career pathway and meet one-to-one, as well as in group settings, through a variety of formal and informal events. Mentors provide students with expert mentoring and advice regarding tertiary and alternate entry pathways, vocational and career advice, as well as social and life discussions. All participants are supported by the GM&B Mentor Program coordinator and the coordinating Assistant Principal. Many students and mentors have formed ongoing relationships lasting for several years, beyond the scope of the Program.

Mentor Program Update 14th March 2019:

  • Students and mentors have been matched – there are 24 students matched with 25 mentors (one student has two mentors)
  • Two students are unmatched and fifteen mentors are unmatched (mentor volunteers outstripped student demand – unprecedented)
  • Advertising for prospective students is ongoing (OURS)
  • Mentors required in the following areas: architecture/landscape or industrial design (one student), animation/art (one student) – please let me know if you know any Old Boys in these fields who may be interested in being a mentor
  • Welcome BBQ is on March 30th


Melbourne High School will provide career guidance and personal development for selected students through a formal mentoring program in conjunction with the Green, Maroon and Black Patrons’ Club of the Melbourne High School Old Boys’ Association and the association itself.


The goals of the Melbourne High School Mentoring Program are to:

  • Provide career guidance to students,
  • Encourage personal development of students,
  • Promote school-community links, and
  • Further demonstrate the value of the MHSOBA, through the GM&B, to the school.


The program aims to provide benefits to the students involved, to the
mentors, and to the School as follows:

Benefits to Selected Students

Career guidance
  • career advice from a mentor with professional experience in a relevant field
  • assist student in making career choices
  • suggest options and pathways for career development
Personal Development
  • develop positive attitudes to work, career, and community
  • promote adult interpersonal relationships
  • provision of a positive role model
  • enhance students communication skills and socialisation in the community
  • other specific objectives for the student agreed at the start of the program
    (recorded using a ‘plan on a page’ document).
Benefits to Mentors
  • provide a sense of personal and professional fulfillment
  • demonstrate the GM&B and MHSOBA contribution to school community.
Benefits to Melbourne High School
  • complement career guidance provided by other staff and programs
  • strengthen school-community links and relationships

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