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The GM&B held a very successful Forum in September 2016, where Max Grundmann discussed his take on the qualities of, and the requirements for, being a successful entrepreneur. At a lively discussion that followed a number of people commented on various aspects of entrepreneurship and how the GM&B might address the issue from a school perspective. Glenn Fairchild, Charles Macek, and Alan Munday subsequently issued statements covering their thoughts on how the GM&B could progress this further with the school, through Principal, Jeremy Ludowyke. These statements were discussed with Jeremy, and it was decided to take the matter further at the April 2017 Forum, where Ross Pritchard, a year 10 MHS coordinator, and Justin Scanlon, the father of a year 12 MHS student, and experienced in running his own business, discussed the involvement of year 10 students in an innovations/entrepreneurship program.

Ross explained that he and Libby Briggs (also an MHS year 10 co-ordinator) discussed engaging Year 10 MHS students in a meaningful pursuit to occupy 1 week after the Year 10 exams. In November 2016, after the winning group of 3 students was announced, Justin Scanlon was instrumental in facilitating partnering of these students with MBA students at RMIT. Ross was keen for members of the GM&B &/or MHSOBA to mentor these students, and to assist in the interaction of the students with the RMIT MBA students; he was also keen for students with promising innovations, who weren’t winners, to be given assistance by GM&B/MHSOBA members, to progress their innovations.

The GM&B Executive followed the progress of the November 2016 winning group during their engagement with, and final presentation to, the RMIT MBA faculty, during the latter part of 2017. The MBA students helped enormously in enabling the MHS group to develop, and to bring closer to marketing, their innovation (a mobile phone app relating to the availability of tutoring for senior school students). At the
end of the RMIT involvement it was obvious however that the MHS students still needed assistance with marketing their app/innovation, and with financing the final stages. Justin Scanlon’s assistance/mentoring of the MHS students has been invaluable. The GM&B is unsure of the current state of the students’ innovation.

GM&B members’ assistance would be invaluable in engaging with the year 10 students in their Innovations Program, and in establishing a GM&B Innovations/Entrepreneurship Program, to enable an incubation of ideas that can be utilised in aiding MHS students to better understand the concept of entrepreneurship, and innovation, and to possibly assist some students to follow such a career pathway after leaving school. GM&B members could assist the students as follows:

  • during their time preparing for the November judging panel;
  • after the judging to assist with further mentoring, and development of innovations during the long vacation;
  • mentoring students during their attendance at RMIT, and in the final development of their innovation.

Further discussion with Principal Jeremy Ludowyke, and the current year 10 co-ordinators regarding the role of GM&B members would be desirable.

The possibility of engaging the MHS innovation students with Victoria University, which is significantly involved in innovation and entrepreneurship teaching, has also been raised.

MHS is embarking on a strategic review during Term 2 this year, of the school’s direction over the next 12 years, particularly 2020-2030. Innovation and Entrepreneurship will be an important component of the emerging curriculum.

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